Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Spring Essentials♡


A good tinted moisturizer!
*A tinted moisturizer is a good solution for people who still want coverage on those hot summer days, but doesn't want to their face to feel heavy with foundation. The one that I like to use is
Laura Mercier 
Lightweight Flawless Coverage Tinted Moisturizer
(SPF 20 and Oil Free!!) 
Cream Blush!
*Wearing a powder blush in the summer can start to look caked on through out the day as your face starts to warm up from the summer's heat. A good solution to keep that dewy summer glow is to use a cream blush. Most makeup lines have their own cream blush products; so it won't be hard to find one that worked best for you!
Soft Pink Lips!
Since most people get fairly tan during the summer, a soft pink lipstick with a gold undertone will compliment any dark&tan skin tone. To achieve this look I like to use 
MAC's Viva Glam V- Neutral pink with pearl (Lustre)
Cream Shadows!
I don't like to spending a lot of time on my makeup when it starts to get warmer and cream eye shadows are easy to put on. They go on as a cream and dry as a powder. MAC's Constructivist Paint Pot is my favorite &has great staying power BUT for a cheaper dupe you should try 
Revlon Cream Shadows.

Gold&Bright Nail Polish!
One of the best things about spring is you can finally bring out all those bright nail polishes we all have. One of my favorite pastel polishes is Light As Air-China Glaze & if you want a gold/bronze polish 
(that looks amazing in in the sun) is Soriee- MAC


Layered Bracelets! 
These are a very simple and fashionable thing to add to your outfit. If you're wearing a plain looking outfit and want to 'spice' it up with a pop of color and texture this will definitely do the job. You can layer as many bracelets as you want...different sizes, colors, and styles. 
(Forever 21, American Eagle)
Flower Studs!
These are one of my favorite jewelry pieces to wear especially in the hotter seasons. They're a simple addition that adds a summer feel to any outfit.
(Forever 21, Urban Outfitters)
like the earrings, statement rings can help add something fun to your outfit.
(Forever 21, American Eagle)


Loose fitted shirts in the springtime are an essential for me since it's not hot yet, but you still want something that keeps you covered. Plus, they're cute and simple.
(Forever 21)
An easy staple piece to dress up even the most simple outfit...and they'll keep you warm for the cooler spring nights.
Stunner Shades!
Always have to have a cute pair of sunglasses...for the obvious reasons.
(Betsy Johnson)
Messanger/Body Bag!
I especially like these because I don't want to lug around a huge bag when i'm out on spring/summers day stroll. These types of bags are small but you can still fit all your daily essentials in it. It's one less things to carry ;)

* * *
So these are some of my spring(and some summer) essentials. I hope this maybe gave you some ideas of things to check out as the season and fashion chances. There are always cheaper dupes for the makeup products mentioned &by no means am I saying you have to go out &but all these things!!
If you have any questions on these products or dupes feel free to ask away :)
Have a lovely day

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